Chris J Williams   Marine Architect
Non toxic, non flammable, water based, acid free & no solvents
Granville Rust converter leads the way in the treatment of rust on steel. It is the preferred treatment by the leading users and carers of marine equipment, i.e. ship and boats, navigation buoys, farm machinery, food processing lines, sheds, gates & household items, galvanised roofs, motor vehicles & trucks.
Granville HRCO1 Rust converter deals with three basic problems of rust, the elimination of surface contaminants, the removal of free moisture and oxygen from the surface and the creation of an impermeable barrier against oxygen and moisture, better than any other product currently on the market.
Granville HRCO1 Rust Converter is a non toxic water based organic copolymer latex solution which chemically converts rusted surfaces to a thick black smooth very tough  layer in around thirty minutes. This gives the underlying surface complete protection against further corrosion and can be coated if desired by most primers. (Do not use zinc or metallic paints over rust converter, but rust converter is fine on top of these). Very easy to brush, no special safety equipment required (safety glasses are always advisable with any painting). In many instances it is not necessary to overcoat with other paint for protection. Read separate application specs before using.
You can obtain this excellent product direct from the importer:

              Phone 03 62671002 Robin Wisby
EMAIL ORDERS TO:  (safe for airmail freight or postage



I found this product extremely effective in controlling rust. So much so that I used to import it and sell throughout Australia. Although I no longer have any financial involvement I still provide this information plus my own application specs and free telephone advice.

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Granville Rust Converter